Why is it so hard to get a decent dinner on the table!

A good friend came over today and while our kids played, we drank coffee and pondered life on the front porch. It is amazing that we both struggle with finding balance. We both work part time and truly enjoy our jobs. Yet, we wonder if running between work and family responsibilities is all worth it! Neither of us would stay at home full time, YIKES! But how do we keep our family afloat day to day………….

So of course we ended up taking about how to get dinner (hopefully healthy) on the table each night…After much talking, we realized we both do similar things to meet our goal of a healthy dinner! She did reveal that her husband, who is a fantastic cook, requests heavy cream be added to the grocery list weekly 🙂

Try these tips to achieve tasty and healthy dinners each night without too much stress:

1. On Saturday or Sunday look ahead. What do you and your spouse have going on this week. Plan meals accordingly!!!!! Don’t try to make your favorite, yet very complicated, pasta recipe on a night that the cook will be coming home exhausted.

2. Ask your kids what they want. I do not typically get much feedback, but it is important to allow them the opportunity to have a say…..

3. Grocery shop for the week!

4. Do some prep work on Sunday….We make french toast regularly on Sundays. The girls can reheat during the week before school!

5. Be realistic!!! Healthy does not mean complicated and time consuming! I set out a veggie tray while I am preparing dinner. The kids are seemingly always hungry, so every pass through the kitchen =  a handful of veggies. One veggie serving down before dinner is served!

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