Inspired by Meatless Monday!

On Monday,  I did a segment on Show Me St. Louis highlighting the vegetarian diet. It was a fun show that I got to briefly speak about vegetarian diets and showed four recipes. I came home from the segment and proceeded to make myself the watermelon, pineapple veggie burger for lunch, one of the recipes I featured. My eleven year old quickly assessed my lunch and said, gross! I will admit, I have never put a large slice of watermelon and teriyaki sauce on my veggie burger. Well it was amazing! I asked her to just taste it. Luckily, I have a pretty good eater on my hands and she is typically willing to try anything even after she has labeled it gross. She took a bite and loved it. She asked me to make her one. I felt like I had just won the lottery! I am lucky to have great kids that are open minded to food and have sophisticated tastes. I do take some credit for this…any child of a pediatric dietitian is like a guinea pig when it comes to food 🙂 Keep offering your kids new foods even if they quickly shut you down. WORD OF CAUTION–Never get in a fight over food. Don’t push your child to try it just encourage and then  move on. If they do try the food remember to give them lots of praise for being brave. We want to reward the behaviors that we want repeated!!!!!!!

Vegetarian Diets and Recipes

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