Convenience Keeps Me Happy & Sane!

As of January 2017,  I get clothes shipped to me in a box every month. I have food delivered weekly to my house, in a box. My daughter and I subscribe to a fitness box that we get quarterly. My youngest gets a craft delivered monthly, in a box. And as of yesterday,  I started a subscription service through Target that ships those pesky household items that I am forever running out of to my house, in a box!

I have to say that I don’t feel bad about my box habit but actually more deliberate and organized with all of these shipments. Each of these items in some way makes our lives a little less crazy, slightly more manageable and way more fun.

I specifically love the meal delivery service. I started using Plated in May of 2016. This was life altering 🙂 I dreaded going to the grocery store. My family is not helpful when it comes to dinner ideas. So every week I would find myself wandering through the grocery store trying to decide on dinner. We seemed to eat the same things over and over. Also my crew does not do well with left overs so I found myself throwing away a lot of food.  I stumbled upon Plated and fell in love. Plated is one of many meal delivery services on the market.  I no longer have to grocery shop for meals!!!!! Plated sends me everything (literally everything) I need to make a meal. Since May we have not eaten the same meal twice. We have gotten to try lots of new foods and everything tastes fantastic.

With two kids in sports, our evenings can be very busy. Knowing that I have all the ingredients in the fridge for meals makes dinner so much simpler.

Pre-portioned meal service has made me enjoy cooking again. I personally didn’t dread the cooking, I disliked the prep that went into having all of the ingredients in my house! These services also encourage families to use fresh produce that they may have been skipping. The portions are reasonable and the calories appropriate.

I encourage you to give a meal delivery service a try! Check out this segment on KDSK



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