Smoothie Time

I was asked to present some quick and healthy smoothie ideas for Show Me St. Louis. I decided to demonstrate the new craze, smoothie bowls!  The important part of this story is that you need to create a smoothie that fits you. I have created a template so that you can be the designer of your creation, no recipe needed!

Just Follow These Steps:

1. It’s All About The Base
Milk or plant milk (unsweetened)
Fruit juice (not from concentrate)
Vegetable juice (not from   concentrate)
Plain/Greek yogurt (unsweetened)

2. Add a Fruit/Vegetable or Both

Add one frozen element to the smoothie  to creates a perfectly chilled and also creamy         product

3. Choose a Flavor Enhancer

Dry spices (cinnamon, ginger,   cardamom, turmeric, saffron)
Fresh herbs
Fresh ginger
Fresh turmeric
Cacao powder or nibs
Desiccated coconut
Protein powders (hemp, pea, brown   rice, whey)
Coffee (chilled)

4.  Add a healthy fat – not required

Coconut oil
Flax oil
Olive oil
Omega-3 oil from fish or algae

5. Make it thicker & creamier – not required

Nut butter
Seed butter
Chia seeds
Psyllium seeds
Rolled oats (or cooked oatmeal)
Unsweetened Greek yogurt
Cooked white beans
Tofu (silken or soft)

6. Add an extra sweetener little extra sweetness – not required

Soft dates
Dried figs, prunes or apricots
Raw honey
Pure maple syrup

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